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Dear Friends and Family,

We have decided to retire the Steve Gambill Cancer Classic after a very successful 17 years.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who were part of our tournament.  First and foremost, to our board of directors, we thank you for your time, hard work, and dedication.  We could not have done it without your help.  Next, we thank all our sponsors for your generosity and donations.  To all men, women, and children who fished, we hope you enjoyed yourselves.  And finally, a huge thank you to all the families and friends who cam out for the picnic, music, and raffles.  We have truly enjoyed the journey and all the great people we have had the pleasure of meeting.  We are blessed to have four young grandchildren and want to spend as much time as we are able.  For as you know they grow up fast.  We love being grandparents!  We wish you all good health.


Chris and Donna Vitovich